When Apple acquired NeXT, and Jobs, for $400 million in December, 1996, Apple’s market cap was $3 billion. Today it’s $347 billion, leaving it just $2 billion short of being the most valuable public company in the world, Exxon.

How did Jobs steer the company away from its crash course with the graveyard? By introducing an unrivaled string of hit products.

Apple's Incredible Run Under Steve Jobs(graphically represented)

Apple's Incredible Run Under Steve Jobs

Source : businessinsider.com


Sansoft Online - Google Sitelink

Google Sitelink Picture for Sansoft Online

What’s New now with Google Sitelinks ?
Google is now showing website’s sitelinks with Title (H1 tag in some cases), meta description and the landing page URL as shown in image (www.sansoftonline.com Google Sitelinks) which were missing at the old sitelinks preview (Google used to show only Anchor Text hyperlinked).

What will its affect on Organic Traffic?
While it’s still early to judge its impact, but we noticed significant chances of increase in Google SERP traffic for our site .Expecting an increase in Google Organic traffic can be almost 20-30% comparing my daily website traffic to internal pages with high index. It’s a welcome & awesome change from my i-Marketing point of view to site being a SEO along with many other changes.From Google including infinite crawling/scrolling at SERP’s for organic searches will be an addition to like Google Image Searches possibly.
I’ve read on many forum’s Google is blending,experimenting & testing out loads of new feature’s since after launching Google +1 which they will merge all together to offer a better user experience.Hopefully, this kind of Super activities, chances of relevant traffic from organic listings will increase(a Good News to SEO savvy’s)

Finger’s crossed expecting few more changes in next coming days which might affect Search Engine Optimization strategies, website organic rankings & traffic. Hope for the best & Congrats to Google for such good innovations 😛

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Bubblus Seo Process by Sherin

Bubblus Seo Process by Sherin

Keyword Research Tips

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Keyword research is probably one of the most important steps you will take when you start your on site optimization for your website. It acts as the foundation for every process from optimizing content to link building process.

Here are some keyword research tips to help you isolate only the cream of the crop keywords:
1.Use Thesaurus
2.Competitors Keywords
3.Analyze tools
4.Brainstorm the customers

There are several other techniques!!!Will be coming soon…As igets time to blog,i will blog my best working style!!

Print Media Vs Online Media

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Have you ever heard or faced the saying,
“I know that I waste half of my advertising budget. The problem is I don’t know which half!” It is this very philosophy that is prompting me to strongly inform you… advertising doesn’t work!!

It Happens when

1. No way to track effectiveness (or ineffectiveness)
2. No call to action

The number of small business owners that save their marketing dollars just to waste them on ineffective advertising. Then, they complain because nothing is working and they don’t have any customers.

Advertising and Marketing the same thing???Confused??
With Respect to print media!!
Advertising includes: commercials, billboards, radio, and newspapers.
Marketing includes: emails, letters, postcards, and fax.
With Respect to print media??Anyone knows?
Advertising includes:Classified ads, banner ads, display ads etc
Marketing includes:SEO,SEM, Etc.(which includes everything)
Here you can
1.Track response rates
2.Quickly change campaigns that aren’t working
3.Specifically target your audience
4.Leads prospects to an immediate sell
5.Can Count the ROI & the Reach of Customers through impressions too!!
Now think Twice!!
Switching and drive traffic from Print media to online!!
A same Scenario from Woodland Marketers :
Ex: http://www.copperbridgemedia.com/blog/woodland-using-print-media-to-boost-its-facebook-profile/

As per in Pr.com news!! about CopperBridge Media web promotion Services

A new media company offering its products and services through its offices in India . This press release is intended for informing about the company’s operations in India.

Nagpur, India, August 22, 2009 –(PR.com)– CopperBridge Media, a new media company recently started its operations in Nagpur, India. The company is founded by a bunch of marketers who have a collective experience of more than 50 years in IT, online marketing and digital advertising.

As the rules of search and the parameters of visibility keep changing by the day, CopperBridge Media is focused on capturing the voice of the web citizens – so that it can be utilized for a sustained business growth and online visibility of online businesses of all sizes. By effectively utilizing the rules of Search Engines (SEO) and tapping the intelligence in social conversations (Social Media Optimization), CopperBridge media aims to protect and enhance the reputation of brands and businesses. The company also has its own products in the form of consumer portals which are currently in Beta phase.

“We truly believe in the voice of the customer and we ensure that all of our solutions has this voice embedded within them” said Mr. Vineet Singh, Managing Director of CopperBridge Media. The various social media tools and Web 2.0 sites have empowered people and brought them closer. It is very important to leverage their thoughts and feedback to enhance the overall positioning of any brand. And that’s what CopperBridge Media plans to do – Bridge the Bytes.

The company also provides consulting services and publishes reports highlighting the overall branding & marketing scope of different companies in various industry verticals. Also, it plans to create employment opportunities for the locals, which has been affected by the economic slowdown. CopperBridge Media has been serving to a strong customer base via its offices in the US and India.

About CopperBridge Media:

CopperBridge Media is a new media company offering internet marketing services and solutions via its offices in India.

Guidelines for Content Writing services with respect market behavior!!

1. Know Your Core Audience: Every marketer knows the most basic principle of good marketing—know thy audience. Before you craft any copy, make sure you know whom you are talking to. Ask yourself questions about your customers and put yourself in their shoes. Think about what they would ask. Then, tailor your language with words that strike a chord with your audience base. However, don’t get carried away with jargon, metaphors, or slang that might risk turning away or confusing general readers.
2. Be Clear, Concise, and Consistent: Make sure that your Web copy throughout your Website is direct and conveys the purpose of your site. Web visitors want quick, digestible information.
3. Highlight Key Benefits: Benefits of your product and/or services should always be front and center on your Web page. Entice them with what’s in it for them and what’s the value you are offering.
4. If it’s free, say so : If the customer isn’t paying for it, declare it free. This can include free information through newsletter, free consultation with a representative, or possibly a free gift with purchase. Unless it hurts your brand, state what’s “free” to perk interest.
5. Make discounts and savings prominent : Discounts or savings should be prominently placed on your Web page. Play with size, color, location, and even animation to draw attention. Everyone likes to save money, so remind them how much they can or did save.
6. Set yourself apart (Differentiate yourself) : Be sure to differentiate yourself from the competition and make the biggest differentiator prominent on the page.
7. Features tell, benefits sell : The various features and services your company offers may be strong differentiators against your competition, but don’t get in the habit of listing them without clearly stating what the end benefit is for the customer. Make it obvious to why it matters to them and focus on the key points. Making an endless list will only diminish the significance of your core differentiators.
8. Promote exclusive advantages : Stating the many advantages of being a customer, member, or subscriber are effective ways to convert a mere browser into a loyal customer. Remind them how they can receive special customer discounts, access exclusive member privileges, or hear about product releases before anyone else if they sign up. For visitors that are on the fence, it may be just what they needed to hear.
9. Reduce Reading Burden : Use shorter text and keep it to the point. If possible, opt for one paragraph instead of five or even size down a paragraph into one sentence. You can also shorten text-heavy content by converting key concepts into bullet points.
10. Emphasize Simplicity : If you’re asking your Web customers to sign up for something or to check out of their shopping cart, make sure to emphasize the simplicity of the form. For example, headlines such as “Sign up in 30 seconds” or “Almost done! Just one more step” remind customers how easy and fast it takes to complete the action and keep them informed of their progress. The best way to reassure clients that you won’t take up too much of their time is to provide the turnaround time. For instance, adding “in two minutes” after “Get your free profile” increased conversion by 5.2% to the thank you page in a recent experiment. Also, providing assurance to your customers with satisfaction guarantees or highlighting simple return policies with “30 day returns” or “No risk” reinforces that you are committed to keeping them happy.

11. Provide Instructions : Don’t make assumptions that readers will know what you are asking them to do. You are better off providing direct instructions to spark action. (Ex: “Start Now” “Sign Up Today”,” “Free Shipping””)

Words are powerful tools in marketing. They can be used to persuade people’s beliefs, engage large audiences, and compel readers to act. On the Internet, words engage and create interactions with the reader.
And when devised and executed well, those words help build relationships with your audience. Drafting good Web copy is imperative, but not easy to formulate. It takes more than perfect grammar, clever writing skills, and a good thesaurus to connect with customers through your messaging.
The Internet adds great complexity in creating and presenting effective copy. For one, you must consider where your copy is placed. It’s been said that you have 8 seconds before half of your Web traffic drops off your page,1 so the most compelling copy should be strategically placed to grab interest.
If your customer doesn’t see it, it doesn’t exist. And if the first thing they read doesn’t convince them to read further, they won’t. In fact, in one testing experiment, a client found that just moving copy to the left side of the page led to an increase in conversions by 8.8%.
Yet it’s not just where you place your copy that makes a difference—the order of copy matters as well. A prominent media company found that simply breaking up and switching the order of copy on its subscription page led to a 19% increase in performance. Similarly, Bankrate yielded a 35% improvement in click through rates on its landing page just by changing the order of several key sections of copy.
Even how you write something is just as important as what you write. The presentation of words through text size, font type, emphasis (bold, italics, and so on), color, and location can make an incredible impact on response. Just as body language affects perceptions during a conversation, the manner in which you present your Web copy affects the comprehension of information. This applied when a client changed the color of the font of the word FREE from black to green and realized a 2% lift in conversions.

Sherin’s SEO process

Key & ultimate target

  • More Visitors
  • Greater customer retention
  • Increase the revenue
  • Improve ROI
  • Create authority

Keywords Research process (Keyword morphology)

  • Increase long tail ( Paradigms) searches
  • Short tail & generic words

Brand visibility- ( Use SMO)

  • Attention on web & brand Awareness

Social networking

  • Create community
  • Improve web presence
  • Maintain a standard of reputation

SEO Web design tactics

  • Reduce Bounce rates
  • Faster indexing
  • User Focused designs
  • Leading And Cutting edge designs
  • SEO friendly platforms (validations)
  • Need optimax design Technology

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization or briefly called as SEO is nothing but the tactic that is being followed to bring more traffic and thereby business to our site.this is being achieved by bringing our site to the best rankings in the search engine results ie in SERP.

This is being achieved by controlling several factors for optimizing our site which will be defined in detail ie described further steps.

Aims to be in mind:

So our ultimate target is both making our site search engine friendly and user friendly.By keeping this in our mind it will brings the business to our site gradually by bringing more traffic to our business.

Steps involved in SEO process:

The total processing for SEO can be defined by dividing SEO into two parts ie ON-Page and OFF-page SEO.

ON-Page SEO:

The on-page SEO is the basic from where we need to start the total processing.So first step is the self analysis.and then chose the areas where we should improve.then comes the keyword analysis..

Its an important step,because “content is the king“,so we should optimize and stuff the content in such a way to get more traffic..but remember by stuffing the keywords is spamming and unethical.so we should take care of that.The density in a page should be around 5-8%.

Then we should optimize our competitors.By chasing them we should become the best.that should be the aim and by using the good SEO technique its achievable only.then by article submission and directory submission is the next stage..

So we should optimize keywords,meta tags,competitors,article an directory submission in ON-Page Stuff.


Off page SEO stands equal importance with On-page SEO.Once our On page part is completed we should optimize the Off page carefully.

Here link building is the main stuff.Reciprocal links can be achieved by contacting the relevant sites.and here be careful that the other site is not spamming with our site.It will adds a negative vote in the eyes of search engines.

Non reciprocal in one way linking.And then then comes the inbound and and outbound links.Inbound is those links which we are getting links from other sites,which will add more weight age.The outbound links links are those which we are giving to other sites.

So be intelligent in link building process.This part also includes the SMO techniques.it includes press release,and social site linking and all.

so the links with authority site will add more vote to our site.

so be clever in this part.

These all are the main basics of the SEO process.And for further applications to the client which needs the best SEO care can contact me by +919595394502 or Sherinseo.engineer@gmail.com.

Here we are assuring you with achieving good page rank and SERP ranking.For all type of SEO solutions there is our safe hands to make your site the best.